Apex Legends Hacker Twitch-CK-zzZ

Video showing the player obviously hacking. Please report this guy if you see him. The link is provided below.


  1. Met him again yesterday, almost 10k kills. So it's official, this game does nothing to hackers, player loyalty means nothing to Respawn Entertainment

  2. Ran into him twice, also reported him twice… still not banned yet, wow!

  3. Ran into him today, literally went right to me as I was hiding and one clipped me at 200hp…

  4. Look at my channel have a video of him blatantly cheating still not banned

  5. Yo, I just got paired with this player on my team as a random. I reported him as well through EA's anti-cheat site. Guy had 12 kills within a matter of five minutes. I hope they ban his IP from the game honestly. I googled his name and it brought me here, lol. Glad to see someone else saw it too.

  6. Ran into him today, march 16th, hes at 4460 kills now. Spectated him for the rest of the match. Clearly aimbot/wallhack. He also went inside the ground/wall and was shooting people through it

  7. Just played him but I killed him, he did have 13 kills or something though

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