Hackers have begun infesting Apex Legends. It’s up to us to stop…


  1. They should make hacking illegal. Like 5 years in prison. You are ruining a companies hard work by cheating. If they did this then it would fix the hacker crisis fast.

  2. respawn is doing nothing really, yesterday, faced cheaters 4 matchs in row. i have the videos. 50million+ players and only 700k banned? come fucking on is just 2% of hackers out there. any way i can detect hackers prettty easy, i can not bealive that respawn just can not do so while having all information they would want to have, i just have visuals.

  3. one of my teammates was a hacker & he killed all of the enemies around 20 kills ina game.this is real…

  4. Got my ass handed over several time is the reason I am here. I might stop playing it altogether it’s not worth anyone’s time. Every game gets ruined by a hacker I mean every game.

  5. I once got so lucky and headshoted people multiple times and I just moved it in fear that I will get knocked down

  6. This is what made me stop playing the game I got down to the final Circle never seen it so small I'm like something's f*** up here so it says there's two squads left as the final circle gets to the size of lifelines drop my guy on my team slipped off the rock into the storm and died in less than 3 seconds IHOP in the circle just barely getting it rip up the dude Kim obviously it says Squad done and then I'm just standing there and this little tiny circle like what the hell is going on next thing I know about 10 seconds later I get shot in the head with a Mozambique instantly killed I just don't see the fun in that like I'm going to play a game that I can literally like sleep and just hold the button down and hit everything. I'm old enough to remember like Game Genie and GameShark and all that that was different when you're on a multiplayer game online cheating just ruins the whole thing when you see the same kill leader with 3000 kills that only play solo yeah okay buddy

  7. They don't (usually) get them off google they go to the QQ address the voice bots are spamming on mic/chat (that's what that mandarin voice on one clip was saying)

  8. No joke I'm the same way I hate battle Royals let me repeat I hate battle Royals but I'm so addicted to this game I can't stop playing it's the only thing I've been playing since the day it came out

  9. I'm new to the game and I encounter cheaters every other round now. Devs should start cracking down harder on the issue because as a new player dying to aimbots over and over again is really fucking boring.

  10. I don’t understand why people cheat. How can you derive pleasure from winning if you know you didn’t earn it? Isn’t the whole point of a competitive shooter to prove your skills?

  11. Now since the saison 1 launch 🚀 you can report cheaters it’s not very easy and clear like fortnite but it’s a beginning.

  12. Now since the saison 1 launch 🚀 you can report cheaters it’s not very easy and clear like fortnite but it’s a beginning.

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