Apex Legends Hacks: Are Cheaters Ruining the Game For Everyone?

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  1. No need for in game report system, it will do NOTHING. they will just make new accounts on a free game

  2. This game is alrdy dyeing from cheaters.. Look at the twitch numbers as of late.. Banning 355k cheaters on a very game MEANS ABSOLUTLY NOTHING.
    They will just create new accounts that are free on a free game…  

    EA and respawn wont even dent the cheating problem nor will they spend the money for better Anti cheat program because its just wasted money.
    telling everyone that they banned people just makes them look like they care and can do something about it but in reality its unstoppable.

    This game has the CSGO problem .CSGO is 90 percent of cheaters , I know this because I've used them just to be competitive with all the other cheaters. got boring real fast.

    Cheaters will still play even if bored because todays world. people love to offend and upset everyone else because their lives are shit and/or they're just bad people in general.

  3. Don’t know if they can do this on console but one game the entire game was in slow mo. Sometimes it would speed up to normal speed but slow for the most part. Not sure if console is hackable though

  4. Video is looking crisp as fuhhh!!!! Best battle royale game out there right now 👌🏻

  5. hahaha…you know how many online shops selling cheats?go to Alibaba search apex辅助 ….more than 500 hacker groups..they even sell it directly through the in game chat…this game is dead.. you can encounter those sellers every 3 matches …you dont even need to be salty..to think oh he kill me.he must be a cheater..nope.. you know it when you see thier ID

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