Apex Legends has a BIG problem

Apex Legends is almost perfect, but a community member has discovered a problem with the hitboxes. It brings up another issue too with character sizes and their disadvantages. Let’s discuss! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.


  1. Pathfinder is already OP. Don’t even try and complain about Pathfinder dude. Gimme a f’n break.

  2. this is the fucking video that lead to the current broken Pathfinder hitbox!!!

  3. The real problem for me is that when I'm playing wraith my hitbox feels like the one of Gibraltar while my opponent is playing Gibraltar and their hitbox feels like wraith's.

  4. You were worried they'd give Caustic and Gib more health – well they've done it (well, they take less damage, so same thing).

  5. Month later, Octane has a more broken hitbox than Pathfinders
    Even worse when using stim

  6. when r they gonna fix this shit??????? every time i get kill by a trash wraith

  7. Pathfinder's skin can fit well but the default skin is too slender….I think they need to refine the skin and then the hitboxes

  8. I don't think it's that big of a problem. I'll still play Pathfinder because he's my dad.

  9. Having a huge hit box is way worse then having a extra 25 damage. C’mon now hit box’s are way more impactful then a extra 25

  10. My solution is a 5%? natural armour to Pathfinder, Caustic and Gibraltar (A 5% damage reduction)

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