Apex Legends Holo-Day Bash Rewind Legendary Crypto Hack Frost Skin In First & Third Person View!

Apex Legends Season 7 Ascension is here! In this video we take a look at last years Legendary Crypto Hack Frost skin in first and third person view! Will this skin return for Holo-day Bash 2020? We’ll find out Tuesday!

What do you think of this skin?


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  2. It is getting kind of frosty in here isn't it

    EDIT: I got a pun for all of the Christmas skins and I am definitely going to do it

  3. Could u show some of the weapons pls? I really wanna see the r301

  4. This skin has a cool design but the face is so creepy 😂

  5. I cant wait thx allot man your my favorite youtuber but is him coming in first or second week of the event

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