Apex Legends – How to Bunny Hop Heal AFTER PATCH (Advanced Guide)

How to bunny hop heal after the recent apex legends patch nerfing bhoping. this is how you can get around the patch, and start bhoping again in your games!

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Thanks for watching guys! let me know if this helped you in the comments, ive started playing octane myself once i found this out.


  1. What do you guys think of these characters still being able to bhop? octane is OP now

  2. I’m late but.
    QuakeV: "Stop from bhopping".
    Captions: "Stop from be happier".
    What a coincidence 😳

  3. Almost 7 min video… Anyone with a speed boost can do it while the speed boost is enabled. Bloodhound Ult, Octane Q, Bangalore when shes shot at. Sheesh.

  4. Sure do wish I found out b-hopping got patched before I tried to spend some 20 minutes trying to figure out how to do it.

  5. If it helps, if you are a csgo player bind your mouse wheel, for me I made a bit of an improvement, the only thing that I couldn't get used to was holding down the shift since it wasn't in csgo

  6. you can also grapple with Pathfinder and if you get a decent speed while in mid air you can start healing and bhop for a while until you lose that speed boost

  7. You can actually still b-hop heal normally i found out, but you have to take really tight turns

  8. Very cool but knowing respawn this will be removed at the bottom of some patch notes like it wasn't important

  9. On a real note you should try bhopping off a decent pathfinder grapple you get a lot of momentum off of those I’m not sure if it’s enough to hold the speed

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