Apex Legends – How To EASILY Rank Up FAST! (Ultimate Ranked Guide)

Apex Legends Ranked Mode, HOW TO RANK UP FAST! Use These 5 tips and tricks to rank up to Apex Predator in your apex legends ranked games! Take your gameplay to another level with this all in one ranked guide!

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  1. What your favorite loadout to use in season 2? Mines Longbow, and P2020 with the hopup.

  2. I solo que its it's really difficult to get past platinum. I dont have friends that play apex D:<

  3. Octane R-99 and G7 double tap combo is pretty Overpowered for good hitmarks and a very amazing headshot damage for close range for Octane mains

  4. im at plat 4 n i cant even reach 1 rp buz of those mader!@@ch@#od! useless teammates

  5. Thanks man I got a 13 win streak and I came back to your channel to thank you bro.😀

  6. G7 Scout is also a good mid-range weapon with his hop-up, are we gonna ignore it?

  7. Dude I do all this but none of my friends play apex so i play alone and I die cuz of my team ther dumb af

  8. Let me break this down: y’all are griping about camping in ranked, if you don’t want to play passive, PLAY PUBS.

  9. You have to play bang wraith or path. Yeah fucking right I switch Gibby and path almost every game sine day one. Not season one, day one.

  10. These tips only work if you don't get rushed by crypto with lifeline and bangalore

  11. Boy I'll knock yo ass out if you talk about my bloodhound

  12. The meta you mentioned was pretty good for me! I was the kill leader packing 7 kills!

    I’m talking about Alt and P20

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