Apex Legends- How To Fix Matchmaking & SBMM! The State Of Apex + My Legendary Skin Collection!

This could be a fix to the problems everyone has been having to not just SBMM but the matchmaking in general


  1. 4 days into the game. queing with level 200s who just rape me :/ im giving up and uninstalling. was fun for 3 days but not worth the trouble.

  2. I’m Platinum, pub rank 210. In both Ranked and Pubs I am always without fail paired with golds or levels below 100 and are terrible. I feel like I am penalized and paired with terrible players all the time. It makes the game unbearable.

  3. Or, and yes this might be crazy but……Maybe they should just remove it from the game and do whatever they were doing back in season 1

  4. They need to stop trying to please the newcomers and focus on ppl who have been in since day one. smfh

  5. 21,000 kill player. Would be dope to run a few with you one day. I see you a lot in pred lobbies.

  6. Apex legand you are stupid give Indian server like Fortnite give us Mumbai server then you lost your popularity in game in India where lot of fans in India .

  7. How the hell you have the 20 kills badge in almost all the legends, can u help me to get it pls.

  8. Due to haloween event 20kill badge is worthless, and now due to leaving match exploit, pradator badge will be worthless. Great job Respawn.

  9. Why would they put it into the game anyway everyone was enjoying the game before sbmm fix the things that are actually broken in the game lol

  10. I'm pred and when I solo queue i get paired with lvl 80s and then the champion is a full 3 pred squad which is really frustrating when your taking a break from ranked. It feels like ranked is easier.

  11. My thoughts to keep everyone happy

    SBMM exists from 1-50 so players can learn but after its completely shut off.

    SBMM should exist for a pre made trio.

    Solos queues it’s completely shut off.

    In a perfect world i want it completely shut off but you wont believe how much hate mail i get on here ive had new players telling me to quit, or im trying to take their game away from them. Ive even stated this same idea just to get 10 comments on how im an asshole for even thinking its fair to have solo ques sbmm shut off…Sbmm is causing a huge division in its community its sad. I really hate to see my favourite game go down
    this path of alot of other games and completely get screwed over. Its harsh because ive dropped 7 15 kill games this season and one 17 one 18 i was on my way to my badge on my xbox account and now that’s completely out of the picture.

  12. The DC glitch still works? 😮 i thought they patched it this last update? That’s so broken

  13. Tbh man i close app a few times just to save points because i solo queue i can’t get a solid squad an to play with randoms am getting kills but shitty placement with randoms so i still lose points regardless it’s fustrating

  14. Why are the always diamond and predator squads when I'm only in plat 5?
    This is my fav game but it's too stressful to play

  15. Bruh, your account is fucking stacked. All heirlooms, apex predators, 20 kill badges for every character, all exclusive skins, all event skins. Im actually so jealous

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