Apex Legends how to get BETTER AIM on CONSOLE (Xbox One & PS4) | Apex Legends Tips

In this video you’ll learn how to get BETTER AIM in Apex Legends, so that you will improve at the game and start winning more gunfights. I give you a host of different tips from settings to tricks you can do to improve your in game accuracy especially on console both the Xbox One & Ps4.

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  1. I use the custom ADS settings normally 1 – 2 is pretty fast while 3 – 8 so it's easy to control and good at medium range I don't really use snipers but I do have it the same as previously described.

  2. What I love is that all of you think you know better which is just so funny it’s literally common knowledge that if you use finisher there’s more chance of you dying so he shoots instead because it’s the safest option idiots stop thinking you know better than someone who spends his life playing the game and making videos of said game.

  3. A way to get better aim is by finding a friend that is good and is nice enough to play with you in firing range and practice on eachother

  4. Tip: crouch and jump when your shooting (use this if you are low on health and do not aim

  5. My sens is high for both ads and look and I'm still hitting my shots

  6. I used to play with 3 sensitivity and then switched to 4 and now I'm better at the game

  7. Tip: when someone has their K,D shield on just duke the player out in turning the other way, or. Make the player turn then, jump on the enemy then pew pew.

  8. I have my sensivity on 6 for look and 5 for ads, I use a kontrol freak on the the right thumbstick which allows me to have the control you would get with a low sensitivity on higher sensitivity. The benefit is that you can snap to targets incredibly easily whilst also being able to fine tune your aim, due to having the added range of motion on the higher thumbstick. Guys I recommend you invest £15 on kontrol freaks and bump up your sensitivity, you get two in a pack and one should last you 2 years before it wears down too much, so the pack should last you between 3-4 years. It will take a bit of getting used to, however in the long run you'll be twitching like a PC player whilst also having the aim like one, practice makes perfect, not lower sensitivity 🙂

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