How to get SECRET HEIRLOOM PACK also know as heirloom items which contain items for wraith heirloom banner pose, heirloom melee weapon skin know as the $500 knife, and heirloom intro quip. #laserbolt #apexlegends #heirloom


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  1. So pretty much every Christmas and birthday I get a ps card so I’m gunna use all the card I get for apex packs to get the heirloom

  2. ahem – ITS NOT A HIDDEN ITEM its pronounced HAIR-LOOM not HER-LOOM 1% OUT OF 500???? Mate for a start it's not 1/500 it's just guaranteed after 500 packs (Respawn Havent released the official odds) and what you meant to say was 1/500 which is 0.02%

  3. Dude it’s kinda obvious your using a strike pack for the weapon recoil

  4. I got wraiths heirloom in my first apex pack ever, deadass. I didnt even know it was rare!

  5. Now bloodhound and lifeline have heirloom and their heirlooms with the same way

  6. He protec…

    He attac…

    He doesn't smoke crac.

    He makes doggy snac.

    He has a big sac,

    But most importantly of LaserBolt

    He opens Heirloom Apex pac

  7. got it literally forlike nothing i bought a few packs just cause i think the game is to good for it to be free im only lv 21

  8. I got it lvl 17 my friend is lvl 89 and he still hasnt got it muhahhahhaah

  9. Dear God this video was unbearable to watch. Let me save you guys 5 minutes of your life – the heirloom pack contains a special knife, an intro quip, and a banner pose, all for wraith. the pack is random and very rare, but you are guaranteed to open one in your first 500 packs.

  10. yea this isnt a tip, just saying. This is like saying if you play all the lottery tickets u win.

  11. I got it for my like, 5th loot crate thing. It was weird because the lights that showed before the triangles popped off were all gold.

  12. video is complete bullshit … it does not really tell you how to get the knife…

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