Apex Legends ice Crypto is Cool

The new ice Crypto skin is in the shop and it’s a little bit more expensive than I thought it was going to be. Hopefully, I can get it before it leaves the shop! Leave a like and subscribe, enjoy the video.

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  1. Thanks for all the comments on how to get tokens 😂 I legit didn’t even know you had to level up and I’ve been playing for over a year and a half.. 😅 I’m sitting here like WHAT DOES IT TAKE..

  2. I don't get how u don't know how to get tokens even though u played this game since season1

  3. Dang I wish I could give you some of my legend tokens I have so many I can't use because I don't have cool skins like you😂😭

  4. The fact that you are basically a pro at this game and have played it from the beginning but still don't know when and how you get tokens is honestly so weird and kinda hilarious. Honestly not sure how that is even possible

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