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God bless you hackers. At least now when I lose I have something to blame apart from lag, my teammates, or my total lack of actual skill.

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[reddit] Respawn Check In : 3.8.2019 –


  1. Respawn/EA don't give a F …about cheaters, they are not going to start banning a BIG part of their consumers.

  2. We cheat because we suck. No one has to clarify that over and over. Deep down inside we all know we SUCK! We just wanna enjoy a game we like that we suck at, our way. We understand that it isn't fair for legit players. But y'all truly dont understand how it is for people like me who cheat at games.

  3. I played Apex for a while and I even supported the game financially by buying the packs they offer. Sadly it was after I bought this that I started to notice cheaters. Even in my own team! It got so bad that I felt the need to cheat myself to have a little fun in Apex because cheaters kill cheaters. I got Banned!

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  5. Feels like 80% of people I get killed by are hacking. It's just amazing how I hit someone and I do 15 dmg per shot and someone else hits me with one bullet and goes through the entire shield and hp. Not even a fucking kraber does that.

  6. I know the video is a bit old but…

    Bought my first gaming laptop two years and a half ago. I noticed how disappointing and heartbreaking online play IS. I'm sticking with PS5 next since it might hold 60fps and I'll never invest in pc gaming again

  7. I remember some BYOC LAN I was at some years ago there was this one kid who was cocky as hell and was just destroying while talking shit. Some guy noticed it looked like he was toggling aimbot and asked him to get up so they could check his PC. Finally, they physically removed him from his chair and discovered that he did indeed have a toggle button. Roughly 2 mins later the team he was shit talking dragged his ass out back and punched him so hard in the liver he started puking. I legitimately thought he was dying.

    Anyway the team who punished the cheater left immediately and took the cheater's PC while he was trying to catch his breath. I remember the officials asking me if I saw who precisely hit the cheater and I lied to protect the "puncher." It was a fucking beautiful thing to behold and those were better times. Gaming has gone mainstream and is therefore ruined.

  8. Its not just pc that has cheaters, now a days all you need is a few programs and a USB stick and your good to go…

  9. Yup that's why I freaking quit this HACK! Waste of time people. Just grow up and quit videogames!!

  10. I am so glad these guys are back doing this show. They were one of my first daily/regularly watched channels. I was seriously bummed when things went awry. Now here we are again.

  11. yeah each round there are cheaters, some are smart and using only wingmn and longbow.another's just wallhack. not talking about some damn macro's

  12. Even they ban the full cheaters. The biggest problem like in every free game is the worthless account. You don't have to identify and nothing to lose. Someone with a big Steam or Origin account, where he spends tons of money on games, will not risk cheating and get banned from everything.

  13. Qued 8 games today, 3 had hackers…One even on my team. Respawn has no clue what it's doing.

  14. Any game that is competitive will attract hacking/cheating.

    Just make all players pay a $1000 bond, and if they're caught cheating. That money is transferred to the first few people who reported them.

    Imagine the salt…

  15. the only aspect were console beats pc in shooter games. i just don't understand how gaming companies can't create a system where cheaters simply can't cheat in a shooter game in 2019. i just don't think it's impossibly hard…

  16. Cheating can be avoided with leveled match making, i feel like one of the games that leveled this is league of legends, even if they still got some hackers though, never the less, cheating can be reduced if the game put people with the same level together, it will be more obvious aswell if some one will be that good at level 10 for example.

  17. for every blatant cheater there are a thousand guys being sneaky about it i.e. No recoil, esp and so on.

  18. The truly frustrating part is that the reporting system is so easy to manipulate you'd think it was designed by Obama. The hacker just just knocks you and then lets their non-hacking team mate finish you off so you don't even get an opportunity to report the actual hacker.

    I just had a GREAT game that was stolen by an aim bot. We make it to last 3 teams, third party the 2nd to last fight like gods, knocked one and busted another one's shield when out of nowhere we get perfect sniped with a havoc from way over 600 meters and the dude with the busted shield runs in and takes the W right out from under us.

  19. Problem is – The Apex is free to play! You ban account, – the hacker will create another in minutes and continue to hack! They dont care about bands! What you need to do – get IP address banned! Or even better – ban PC MAC NUMBERS! So hackers will need new pc to hack again! I think then will be no hackers, or only few of them… But wait a minute, – who will buy stuff from game creators- skins, package and etc… no one, i mean hackers will not play games as they can not hack! Yes that's why hacks allowed on games by the game creators, because they double they incomes for that! No one cares about "crying" nobs who cheating on cheaters! Problem solved – get hacks and play games in same lvl as other players! As everyone hacks!

  20. i dont play this game much anymore to many hackers apex legends is dead fast

  21. For them to make cheaters stop is to counter attack 🙂 distribute your own cheats online but instead fill them with troyans destroy there whole fucking set up and then see if they cheat again

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