Apex Legends is Cheaters Legends (Aim Bot, ESP) Respawn / EA is Sleeping

Even bronze lobby is full of cheaters specially on asian servers. Unfortunetly, apex / respawn / EA is not able to control or ban these cheaters.

Today I was play with my smurf account (just for fun) and encountered this cheater.

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  1. Its surprising to see the comments as so many folks are claiming that he is not hacker and actually a pro player (smurf). But, what about his dumb movements? How he knows where enemies are ? why he is aiming on walls ? Shooting through smoke ? snapping on enemies ?

    If you guys have ever played any FPS game on PC you can understand that this guy is hacking.

  2. until 3:07 I thought he was just a good smurf also cus his movement wasn't bad, but then that bullet curve with the 99 was obvious

  3. He is 100% hacking wallhack and aimbot not a pro player smurfing comon

  4. Dude at 6:00 exactly the guys wingman shot may as well have bounced off the ground to hit this guy. It’s heading straight for the ground and then at the last second darts up to hit the guy either in the head or center mass. That’s insane.

  5. I don't think thats and aimbot… We move ok and miss some shots. Its playing well and vs Bronze…

  6. So who exactly is reporting when all of his team mates are alive, wtf?!?!?

  7. even if he is a cheater you know respawn is composed of a small dev team that are manually themselves looking at over 10k reports and banning them. They just don't have the time to catch each and every one of them, becouse they could simply make new accounts and keep doing it, on top of that respawn does not have the best support from EA and they still have to make new content for the game, there's literally no way they can keep watch on reports 24/7.

  8. Fucking cheaters!!!!! Sucks!!!!!! 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  9. I don't think EA it's sleeping, neither Respawn, but depending on youre server The Anti hack defenses may vary. I hace played since day 1 and never faced a hacker

  10. Sht. Apex didn't let us know is that cheater being ban or not!! In Asia servers theres alot of them.. What i hate the most is that. They use spitfire to roast people up!!

  11. Bro if I say the truth I really don't think he is a hacker he could be a pro player with his second account because if don't knock everyone in one clip

  12. Listen carefully now they will never ever get rid of hackers, first of all if they did get rid of hackers i think there woulnt be enough players to fill a lobby of 50 players, legitametly there are a tona of cheat for everything in this game, why because the game was made that way every fps game is made possible to cheat i dont know if its a sickk prank from developers but i would like to have a few words with dev teams and put on them few meters underground where they belong together with animals like this cheating, second of all i have friends on origin since season 1 they are hacking and still playing till today, they are predators rank i dont know nmbr 50 in predator ita absolutely sickeningg and sad that this kids without even proper pc, proper mouse or proper education are allowed to waste my goddamn time if this game was 4 purchase i would sue the ea for my money back for my wasted time. Absolutely disgusting animals, this animals and together with the dev team better hope i never meet them in person and express my frustration. Disgusting i spit in their ugly nerdy faces.

  13. Was sceptical until he hit his full r99 clip with a 1x hcog through smoke at the end. The hcog to 2x switch was pog though for long and short range engagements

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