Apex Legends – Launch Trailer | PS4

Conquer with character in Apex Legends™, a free-to-play* battle royale game where legendary challengers fight for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Explore a growing roster of diverse characters and experience intense tactical squad play in a bold, new evolution of battle royale.
Play for free* now on PlayStation 4:

Performed by Know-Madik
Written by Tim Myers
Published by Hugs and High Fives (ASCAP)/Songs of…


  1. It would be cool if Wraith had the ability to throw one of the guys in the portal. It could have been a game changing move.

  2. If apex comes to mobile, i wish the graphics would look like this

  3. Not that I don't adore the movement of the game but… Muh wall running!!!

  4. This game gets cross play then this game will be completely untouchable by Fortnite

  5. This feals like a movie trailer evin though it's a game and I think I've seen the part with pathfinder before this trailer cause it have me de ja voo

  6. i didnt actually know that this was made by the same people who made titanfall, i kept getting this confused with Anthem so i didnt know anything about the game except the robot character looked like M.A.R.V. from Titanfall 2

  7. Why is wraith scared of Bangalore … Bangalore has a mozambique … You could tickle someone to death faster then the mozambique … Bangalore the Professional soldier my a**

  8. Dude u could literally write an amazing story game with just these characters

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