Apex Legends MASSIVE Cheating Problem Is Ruining the Game Already

I love apex legends, but it is being ruined by cheaters, especially on PC where I play it the most. I have video of the cheaters using the hacks all through this video and the details of the cheats and some info of what respawn entertainment is doing to stop it.
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  1. 16 000 cheaters banned.. phehe those cheaters used bot accs .. and will make new in secs.. next will be 32 k and so on..

  2. The quality of this video is straight ass, i can´t se anything?! A free to play game needs GREAT anti cheats. Cant have some pleb anti cheat

  3. The PC as a platform is dead competitively because of cheating. Every competitive PC game is infested with hackers. In a lot of these games its not even obvious. From MMOs to Quake cheaters are more common than normal players

  4. I was just in a match the dudes name was literally REPORTSDONTWORK , the guy had 17000 kills like 22k headshots. he had 416 season 1 wins. he was speed hacking he killed every single person in the damn server in under 5 minutes. him and this other guy corystilkins1 combined for over 50 kills. its getting outrageous…..

  5. Jesus i saw one since day one is still cheating every day nickname Casanova666

  6. it depends what region, i only met 2 cheaters ever since apex was released and i usually win 8 times a day and have fun so..

  7. is there a certain time zone that this is happening? I play late night/early morning (MST) and only had one game that something was off

  8. I hate cheaters but when you have a free to play game then maybe it's exactly what the game deserves. The only way to keep out cheaters is to have a game that costs money or have a subscription base and ontop of that being proactive and permantently banning cheaters with no mercy.

    Greed gets in the way of most things.

  9. Maybe the hardware Banns will work… Maybe not. I think, that will be important, if Apex Legends will be played by so many Gamers in future, and if Player will spend money in that game.

  10. I just decided not to play the game anymore because every game there are cheaters and I reported some but there are just too many.

  11. The biggest problem is not wallhack or aimbot, but No Recoil !!!! When someone is shooting at you with a speed of light. I don’t care what those retarded people saying about no recoil is not considered as cheating, because everything which is not included in the original game and using it against others, is cheating !!!

  12. EAC can detect my RGB software and throw an error. But it can't stop blatant hacking. GG quality anti-cheat 10/10

  13. hahaha Just seen a Wraith kill three people in 2seconds with one clip with a flatline. Every single shot was a headshot. Went head, to next head, to next head. The accuracy was so funny to watch.

  14. If it's not hackers it's leavers. If it's not leavers is people who don't communicate. If it's not silent people it's people who leave after taking 1 point of damage. If it's not people leaving after taking one bullet up the ass it's the game crashing. I've NEVER seen a games community die off because of bullshit like this so quickly.

  15. Some rough numbers have been run…. and the amount of cheaters in the game right now is MORE THAN 10%…. that means every game you enter there is on average 6 people playing with AIMBOT. The game is ruined until Respawn decides to do something about it.

  16. I played 4 matches today… 2 of them ended by being killed by aimbot. I'm done with this game until something is done.

  17. Its getting worse. Private servers and friends lists are necessary. Anyways the whole cheating thing makes competitive gaming on PC dead to me. You literally said they should spend half of their time dealing with cheaters instead of actually working on the game and its content. You don't see something wrong with that? If cheating is that big of an issue why even bother making these games at all?

  18. Cheating in games is pure cancer. They need to remove the spectate eye icon because cheaters see someone is watching they toggle right away.

  19. PC MASTER RACE!!!!

    One of the benefits of console gaming, close to no cheating.

  20. second day in apex legends i had like 90% win rate, then came the cheaters Lol, even tho i play with high ping low fps,. still managed to beat the noobs, but boom they became very good aimers for some reason and they predict my location all the time now, its funny. not all cheat because the game is still new, but there is at least 10 cheaters per game now, which is already 10/60 and it can change the entire game. still winning tho, but not like i used to. also 24 fps player and ex pro, so yea fuck that.

  21. i been spamming public grouping and im getrting creamed in game after game by cheaters, i reported a teammate yesterday, he was on the other side of a gulch and he killed a 3 team full purple with 1 r-45 clip, i mean woot !! game after i got killed in purple helm legendary chest in a rift with a 3 bullet hemlok shot by a guy lvl 18 and 18 kills from a long distance too, its sickening

  22. asian servers not playable, 90% of d time yall just get cheated.. rip game

  23. Hackers are pathetic losers who are too dumb to actually play… but why don’t game developers go and sue and shut down hack developers? Or at least since it’s a free game make it hardware band? Banning people will do NOTHING and this game will be dead in a few months!

  24. "Quick to address" Really? They only did like one update that fixed some things. They still haven't done anything yet. There's a big update coming up I believe they'll do something with it. Because Apex is basically built on the mistakes of other battle royales. If they still don't do anything by then. Then that would be a waste of a good game.

  25. If I play during the day on a weekend, get about 10 or more chinese players in the group advertising hacks during the character selection, then they leave. Played alot of 2 man APEX recently. To start, ban every player that leaves more than 10 matches a day.

  26. I do wonder sometimes if cheaters will die out on their own. Sure they get that initial high or whatever from owning people with a hack but wouldn't it wane not long after? I can't imagine a more boring game that essentially is played for you or or a person that would find that enjoyable for a very long time

  27. i think the cheat problem comes from the fact that the game runs on the source engine. there are so many good pastes for this engine and with some tweaking it will probably wqork like a charm in apex

  28. Did anyone see what they plan on doing ? Blacklisting the cheaters and then creating servers that only queue up the suspected players. So it will be cheaters vs cheaters and they plan to record it / have it to live on twitch.

    This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of, they are talking about taking more extreme measures and this is what they came up with. I for one will have no interest watching something like this and it only promotes cheating even more by creating a joke out of it. It does absolutely nothing to better the community and the player will just leave the match as soon as they realize this and create a new account in a couple minutes.


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