MOZAMBIQUE HERE! Time to Review the very best Memes for Apex Legends! Even if you don’t play Apex Legends, this should have you cracking up! Have something to say? – Hit me with a comment! If you found this valuable, leave a like to support the video! Subscribe & Hit the bell For More!! | Instagram ► | Become a Member! 👉 | Twitter: | Follow the stream, Raynstorm! ►…


  1. Hey Raynday just wanted to stop by and say, thank you. Youve made some truly great, cool, and hilarious videos and have picked me up when im down. Youre such a cool guy and i wish i was on pc so I could play with you XD

    Gonna keep this short but thanks bro 🙂

  2. Oh I did that shield drop thing to a rando before….

    He DiEd 10 SeCoNdS lAtEr

    I also have played apex for 200 hours and im not bored

  3. 8:30 I gave my purple armour to my teammate and took his basic armour by he didn’t turn it into a popular reddit post

  4. When he was sneezing I couldn’t stop thinking about the video by collagehumor about what happens after the fourth sneeze 😆😆

  5. Raynday you should check out @kohbeh on twitch and or kobi osrs on YouTube he’s a small streamer just starting out and we spreading love out here

  6. Moulin Rouge is an AMAZING movie/musical. Elephant Love Medley is a fire song mashup. Keep up the great work. Your Apex videos are my favorite to watch.

  7. so I watched your video 4 mins later than I expected, bcs I got a very informative and useful ad about estate license for college that's useless and I like that ad so much, if you can choose ads you should choose that ad more!

  8. I entered God-Mode when I dropped 5 Players with 2 Mozambique! Then delivered those hands for the 7 piece.

  9. Us is a terrible movie. The script is not great. The acting is really bad. The direction is the worst.

  10. I would lime to see the Mozambique get a bigger clip size like it had in Titanfall. I would imagine it would still be weak but at least more usable

  11. I can't count the times where a squadmate was killed. And left. Only for me to take out the squad and be left all alone:(

  12. Apex is honestly feeling a little too easy with Squads. Got 4/5 wins in a row going the same route lol I kinda want solos

  13. That ass in the thumbnail though ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)
    Edit: oh I've seen that character in a Chinese overwatch clone.

  14. the Notch thing was the camera, they made pathfinder fit perfectly so it made the camera his face

  15. Love the videos. Thank you for leaving the sneeze attack in, I needed the laughs today.

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