Apex legends modded controller auto aim cheat gameplay


  1. You suck even with mods, i hope you still dont use these, im sure your better off without

  2. lol white people so rude how they talk to their parents they lucky they ain’t Mexican if I talked to my mom like that I’ll get the chancla lmao 😂

  3. I’d slap the shit out of the guy being rude to his mother if I ever saw him

  4. This is probably the worst gameplay i have ever seen , and ive seen some fkin shit players lol you even have auto aim yet you still get owned . You never reload , you stare at the floor mid battle with 8 bullets in the clip ect ect the list goes on . How in the holy fuck nuts you got subs for this i dont know . Just wierd

  5. Quit being mean so what if he is bad you were bad to god people be toxic 😂

  6. I was gonna talk shit to you for cheating but honestly it looks like you really need all the help you can get. You play like an actual potato

  7. These are poser wannabe bois- mommy bought his gaming setup for him, and he acts like she is a douche…and worse…he is a total loser

  8. I can totally see WHY you cheat, you're trash. & that modded controller ain't helpin you much. Also be nice to your mom, you little shit.

  9. Lol they are trying to loot places what’s looted already. You guys are so bad! Worse than trash

  10. Damn. …just when i thought i was bad at the game and now i found somebody worse then me and he's using mod's , my god …hahaha. #shit

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