Apex Legends Muzzle Flash Issue, Game Breaking RNG BUG, FIX THIS SH!T

so yea.

Video Information :
Recording: Nvidia Shadowplay
Photo Editor: Photoshop CC 2015
Video Editor: Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Sony Vegas Pro 15

Sony Vegas Render Settings:
Frame Size: 3840×2160
Profile: High
Frame Rate: 59.94
Variable Bit Rate: Max 240,000,000, Average 240,000,000
Encode Mode: NV Encoder
NVENC Preset: High Quality
NVENC RC Mode VBR- High Quality
Video Render Quality: Best
*Everything else is default*

PC Specs:
CPU: i7 8700k – 5ghz
RAM: 32GB Corsair DDR4 Vengeance…


  1. They literally added it in order to close the skill gap between good and shit players it’s ridiculous it’s like how fortnite made building easy for everyone so that “everybody’s a winner!” Which is bull shit. Don’t bring inclusive bull shit to competitive scenes you should have to work to be good at something not have it handed to you.

  2. I hates the muzzle flash since launch but i don't know why they didn't get it,its a fcking FPS game,its all about shooting (movement also important that's why i love this game) and they think not being able to see is a thing to balance 'skill'. How can players improve their aim if they cant see where tf they're shooting at

  3. I've just deleted apex because of this, muzzle flash is game breaking. Three seasons, no one wants it on the game and the devs insist on it as a feature.

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