Apex Legends New Character Nova (Everything We Know)

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  1. Now we know that girl in the thumbnail is rampart.

  2. I think for season 7 or 8 they should do an anime season, and a new legend should be eren yeager and his tactical should be turning into a titan
    his passion should be healing quickly'
    his ultimante should be hardening or controlling other titans (spawns mindless titans that will eat any nearby enemies)

  3. I think nova was made to throw us off, because honestly her abilities seem underwhelming and boring to me, and they just threw something together combining the coding for the northstar titan, a jump tower, used bangalore's models, and used the excuse that they were placeholders

  4. They bring a pilot from titian fall that acts just like a pilot from that game everyone dead I played that game alot before

    ( who else reading this and like Being Cooper and BT and I'm destroying everybody and tell me BT alice cuz only titanfall fans who saw that campaign cut scene now what o mean RIP BT😭 )

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