Apex Legends – Official Horizon Character Abilities Trailer

Watch the trailer to learn more about the new character, Horizon, and get a breakdown of her combat abilities.

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  1. Busted. I hate characters in multi-player games that can remove the mobility of opponents. It's an unfair and broken mechanic in any game.

  2. if you had a chance to change your horizon would ya?

    thats how you know your having a bizarre year

  3. Her ability cool down is way too
    Short, her grav lift should start after the duration ends its like as soon as you put it down you can put another one down 2 seconds after…like how the hell did that leave player testing? I wanna know whos incharge of making that decision and then smack em

  4. Is she Scottish? That accent, I think I need more if it. Don't mind me if I'm wrong I've never actually met a scottish person.

  5. Can’t wait to have all of my teammates leave the game if I choose this character, or vice versa when I leave 🗿🗿

  6. Literally the gravity pull mechanic already exists within the Titan Fall/Apex Legends universe… I guess people just don’t know what a gravity star is within Titan Fall 2😂

  7. Read title as Ace Combat Assault Horizons at first

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