Apex Legends on MacBook Pro

Apex Legends on MacBook Pro

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  1. Keep in mind that the gameplay was recorded in front of the monitor and not screen captured because I wanted to give you guys a raw test without forcing the MacBook more than it needed to be pushed!

  2. Any gamer who uses macbook pro , just remember that macbook is mainly for work or business and is not meant for gaming

  3. Thanks.
    I tried running it on my 2019 model and it looked like Shit.
    I'll try These settings. I guess it should work just fine.

  4. Thanks for sharing! on macbook pro it does actualy help to put a fan control app for heavy load computing. They tend to keep the fans at low speed to keep it silent. however performance increases a lot and constantly if you speed up the fans.

  5. well… i'm using macbook pro 2018 15' with egpu rx 580 8GB,when i play apex legend, i still get under 50fps and some places has more details i got under 40 or event 30fps, i just don't get it, how strong device i got -.-. in your vdo, before u jump u got 50 – 60fps, for me… just 30,

  6. Guys I think we should make Mac OS player squads, so that we will not affects window players lol

  7. if you want to play games on macbook, maybe you need Razer Cortex for a better fps, it's a game booster. and which macbook pro you use to play this apex?. sorry for bad english

  8. When I go to the Apex Legends page . It says only Windows Platform , I didn't see a Platform for MacOS… how did you download Apex on your mac like bootcamp?

  9. How did you switch over full screen to a different monitor? for some reason i cant move over the screen to fullscreen on my monitor.

  10. I have a macbook pro 15inch 2018 (Specs below) Can I run apex legend with it?
    CPU : 2.9GHz intel i9
    Memory :32GB 2400Hz
    GPU : Radeon Pro 560x 4096MB / intel UHD Graphics 630 1536MB
    Great Video btw!!

  11. im quite worried about that gpu temp lol but its a macbook. its designed to get hot

  12. How the? I have an Ultrabook Intel HD 520 and i7 6600u 2.8GHZ and I have less fps

  13. Guys i have an imac, it crashes in every game i try to play.
    imac 2017
    GPU: 580 Pro
    CPU: i5 7600 3.8ghz

  14. Does the fans running really loud or fast do anything to the computer itself long term or shorter

  15. can you make a vid on how to run bootcamp and like where you download the windows iso file and which version of windows and where you get the key and like how you run it for free? would appreciate it

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