Apex Legends Pathfinder Hitbox Comparison After Patch 1.05

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  1. If being pathfinder's hit box is for hardcore players because sometimes I'll go under the bullet or some where it can't hit me and it's not even close to me and I still take damage

  2. I mained pathfinder till this stupid patch, its a joke how easy you can live compared to any other class its a fucking joke I deleted this game for better games Apex and respawn shown that they suck at patching shit up

  3. This shit is really broken… hope they'll fix it asap

  4. So people are bitching because his hitbox is accurate? Lmao aim center mass, problem solved

  5. Yeah no shit you used to be able to shoot him outside of his hit box before the path he's half as skinny as any other character respawn had it right the first time…

  6. My ass he's fixed. i can make a entire montage lasting 20 minutes of dying to fucking pathfinders even when my aim is pretty much dead on him.

  7. Now wraith mains are crying in the comment sections and screaming heโ€™s broken, GTFO, heโ€™s fixed now.

  8. His hitboxes are almost nonexistent it seems now, or I just have to really adjust how I was used to hitting him before update. Pretty wack

  9. Thanks bud. Put a voice over on this and you'd have the first good comparison video of this update.

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