Apex Legends Pathfinder Physical Edition Leaked! (Apex Legends Season 5)

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Hey guys welcome back to another Apex Legends video! Today I wanted to go over some new leaks with you guys regarding the Pathfinder Physical Edition Bundle!

This will most likely be coming out close to Season 5, and we already know everything that is going to be in it.

• Legendary Full Metal Robot Pathfinder Skin


  1. Can we try and go for 50 likes on this video? I know we can do it!!
    Thank's for watching as always 🙂

  2. why doesnt this man have more subs? the quality of this video was better than I have seen from people 1m+ subs

  3. I'm a Path main, and tbh I don't really like this bundle. Good info tho, thanks.

  4. I know im late but…
    What I want in S5 is:
    Some map changes (like more lava on WE xd)
    Some cool new Skins for Weapons and Legends
    And a new Energy Weapon would be great too!

  5. Wait so are you also going to be able to buy this edition digitally or do u have to buy a physical copy of it?

  6. Nice video dude keep on that grind!! Check me out I do all apex content too mag me n we could collab mayberry

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