Apex Legends Ranked gets Sweaty

I have been trying to reach master rank in this season of ranked mode and let’s just say… It gets sweaty! Leave a like and a comment, thanks for watching.

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  1. Yo stay I swear watching you get hype makes me wanna play apex 24/7 not like I already don’t but yea this is the 12 time I’ve seen this but if you could check out my clans tiktok MwXClanTiktok with 3 vids yea we r all 12 but yea bless up your so underrated happy 4th of july

  2. Stayca u r a god bro and this vid was insane ur were cracked maaannnn… I'm trying to join a gaming team called (sKoRcH) hopefully I can fight u inna match man keep up the amazing content😬

  3. Me and my friend really need a good third on ps4 my gamer tag is @bryanparody we just turned gold 4 and we want to still grind anyone please

  4. You’re not wrong about ps4 lobbies being sweaty ass hell because I play on ps4 I’m on platinum and holy shit I just can’t play because the crouch and shoot it’s way too sweaty

  5. lmao when stay said "we dont even need the third" the third "lets goooo :("

  6. Once in diamond, gamez are starting to be fun and damn competitive all below is easy pezz

  7. Amazing that people reference the Supa Hot Fire meme and don’t know what it is.

    Back when YouTube was young 😂

  8. Tell me about sweaty ranks man. I am gold. I play with my friends that are plat and we constantly get majority of players from Diamond. So I, a gold rank player am playing with predators like stay. The system is broken 😂😂

  9. i thought the thumnail was fortnite by the way the character was falling

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