Apex Legends Rewind 2020

Apex Legends Rewind 2020 – Thanks to everyone in the Apex Legends community, all creators, all viewers, and a big thanks to Respawn.

Special thanks to : Macro, Thatpunchkid, Shivfps, Rag Tagg, Thekine, Zachmazer, and everyone else that took part in my event, sorry i couldn’t fit you all in!
Credits, in order:
everyone joins the battle song:
revenant is really toxic man:…


  1. A lot of work went into editing this and I have to say the memes and edits flow all of the way until the end so buckle up, enjoy, and leave a comment with your favorite Apex Legends 2020 memory below!

  2. I still cant believe that season 4 came out this year it feels like it has been 3 years

  3. It's still better than any of the last 3 or 4 YouTube Rewinds 😂😂😂

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