Apex Legends Season 3 Review | Is It Worth Coming Back To?

Apex Legends Season 3 REVIEW!

Is The NEW Update Worth Playing Again!

Has EA Finally Fixed APEX Legends?

Is The NEW Legend Crypto GOOD?

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  1. Sucks map is terrible sbmm kills this game all battle passes this game has ever released has alright rewards but the progression for the passes is terrible I completed all the challenges and only made it to tier 74 and if I wanted to buy to 100 I would have had to pay 50 dollars that seems like way to much octane is practically useless as a legend lifeline is shit as well Gibraltar is too op

  2. Zalker 87 : Post the video

    Respawn Entertaiment : So we said 10k$?

  3. Quick answer….no game is still another BR trash meant for no lifers and streamers. Give us Titanfall 3!!

  4. Why does no one talk about the shop, 6-7 days for a weapon skin is ridiculous

  5. Titanfall games were great and nobody bats an eye. Respawn makes Borderlands like clone that's BR and everyone goes crazy.

    So sad a team of developers had to jump on Libtard wagon to get recognize. And was coerce into falling in line or else I'm pretty sure their company would have died after T2.

    Oh well at least they recognized how much they could milk the idiocracy we live in today.

  6. Am i the only one that didnt like the new season? I feel like its too unbalanced now, its not really a skillbased game anymore, i dont like the idea of Crypto at all i think its just totally unecessary, its unbalanced and was just not a well Thought character/legend, the new gun is op asf and has just a totally unfair use, close combat fights are almost non existent and are not really a thing now… i feel like the developers tried to bring us something new but totally screwed the game, everything is diferent and nothing feels the same! The new map is “ok”… for me kings canyon was the perfect map for this game and i dont think this new one really fits for it… i like the idea of an updated map but they could of just added some changes to the older map as time would pass…i feel like they could of done way better!

  7. I left when the devs called us freeloaders. Now im not gonna hold respawn responsible for one asshats remarks for ever but having a 200 dollar event cant happen again or i wont ever come back and that sucks because ive been a respawn fan and a vince fan since modern warfare 2 and titanfall 1 and 2 so im definitely gonna give them another chance this season

  8. Not a fan of this new map. Absolutely trash. I really miss the old map.

  9. I didn't like this season at all, the map is a way too big! now is made for long-range combats which I think is boring, sometimes I spend to much time trying to find some squads to fight with and the loot is terrible, all I always find the must are havoc rifles and pistols, now it is hard to find a spitfire, R301, flatline, etc

  10. Everyone crying because this season encourages a different play style…only issue is loot-ish

  11. I havent watched the entire vid yet, but IMO I absolutely love what Respawn is doing with world building and the lore. I cant really complain about loot because 7/10 times I end up with good stuff. That's just BR period. They wanted a more tactical experience and they nailed that. They are forcing the player base to try new things like sniping. Respawn is so underrated. Titanfall 3 is amazing too.

  12. Over break point? =) ANYTHING goes over break point.
    I really dont get who wastes their time to that piece of shit.

    Apex season 3 indeed very fun experience.

  13. I think if you wanted to play this game and have actually fun you missed your chance in season 1 and 2 now its not so great their map sucks and the game set everyone back with sensitivity and the only time it feels fast is in a fight

  14. I played season 1 and 2 season 3 is trash now it feels so slow and Everytime you get your feedback it takes long they should fix the start up time takes 2 minutes

  15. Game is completely diffrent not a rusher game anymore sucks really put a lot of time in this game

  16. I quit Apex shortly after season 1 launched because I felt things were getting stale. I ditched despite having bought the battle pass because the rewards weren't too cool and I felt other games had more to offer me. Maybe if I can round up some friends I'll try to get back into it, I haven't played a more fun shooter than this in years and I miss it.

  17. This map LOOKS good, but its trash, nothing good, this update made the game less skillbased… Too bad

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