Apex Legends Season 3 Tier List – All Characters Ranked | Apex Meta Report

New Apex Legends Season 3 tier list for all legends ranked. Gaming Merchant Apex Meta Report for ranked, teams, and competive play. All characters ranked from best to worst.

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So, here is how the tiers will work. S tier is just reserved the absolute best of the best. A tier…


  1. Thanks for watching! How would you rank these legends? 🙂

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  2. One thing merchant is missing (not to get mad or be a buzz kill) but it depends on how you play them

  3. I think they need to rework mirages passive ability to something that will help you win a fight, not help you after you lost a fight.

  4. Bangalore should be A tier with the way you described her. I swear you just put her in B for whatever reason.

  5. To buff mirage, just have the decoy act more like a player. Like the dummies in the training grounds. The decoys could move and look around for legends and “shoot” at enemies

  6. Wattson deserves A tier shes good at disabling Gibbs and bangs ultis plus if they are throwing nades at you. And late game she can lock down a building while still supporting the team in giving shield. Lol

  7. Personally I think Watson is the worst playable character in the game and caustic and crypto should go up more

  8. You can go ahead and drop Gibby's in s tier after his SECOND buff

  9. Why does Gibraltar look like a 2nd grader when their girlfriend cheats on him 😂

  10. Bloodhound still needs something yeah, but I still love the playstyle that comes with Bloodhound 😀

  11. Pathfinder S, lol. Only reason people use him is to escape fights like a pussy or camp on mountains with a sniper. Needs a big nerf.

  12. Although Bangalore is considered B tier now instead of back in season 0 where she was arguably one of the top legends she’s always the one i use when Idk who to play or im not playing the best cuz shes just all around a great team player


    Not gonna lie wraith kinda sucks in my opinion

    I know there’s some insane wraiths out there

    but every wraith I fight that phases immediately dies right after that

    Huge con

  14. I am an Octane main with 3k kills and recently hit diamond, I roll with a squad of lifeline and caustic. I do all the damage and kills and I think this combo works well, allow me to explain.

    Octane: Rush in and kill as many people as possible, stim out when low.

    Lifeline: Heals Octanes health while he’s healing his shield and revives Octane when downed

    Caustic: Protects lifeline while reviving and prevents enemies from pushing while Octane heals up.

    This is the single best strat I’ve ever used, and doing all the damage looks like I carried everyone so it’s fun to do.

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