In today’s video I show you an aim training course that you can perform in the firing range that will help you improve your aim and get warmed up when you first hop onto apex legends. Everyone is different in apex legends so of course you can use whatever weapon combinations that you would like. In the firing range I like to shoot a few targets before hopping into public match because it warms my aim up and improves my accuracy.

I came out with an updated apex legends settings video for…


  1. This training course should be used to shake off the rust right when you hop on everyone, wasn’t supposed to be too advanced😄

  2. My question is, are you still using recoil control when your strafing or tracking? Because when I'm strafing back and fourth or tracking someone while trying to do recoi control, I end up missing shots

  3. I really am gonna run this every day my friends leave me to play with better people

  4. was I the only one shooting with the Wingman to the beat of the song in the background?

  5. I can 1v1 in firing range and win most of the time I just for some reason can’t take that skill in game and it’s annoying so I hope this helps it should

  6. ahhh, at last some daily routines, dude this should probably work, i feel like it's gonna work. I will do this training for 1 hour daily basis for 30 days and then i will come back to notify if it actually helped or not.

  7. Bro how do y'all say control ur recoil in a game because there moving around while ur trying to pull down on the right stick how do u track them

  8. First of all hello, I would like to share this video of you by translating with Turkish players, I will enter your channel as a description source.

  9. Hey Sweatband! How'd you do the spinning crouch jump thing when you moved from one section to the other in drill #1? What's the movement called?

  10. When u start the 99 training grab no attachments at 1st to get use to it ..ex landing on ppl and u get a 99 they get flatline to win the fight be use to the 99 wit no clip ya kno

  11. I actually use the Re45. Pistols don't slow you down and in the heat of the moment it comes naturally. Also has a pretty good rate of fire

  12. Bruh you shouldn’t be using a purple extended light mag to one clip standing still dummies, i one clip em with a default r99 for better practice.

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