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  1. Shroud why do you keep putting revenant in the thumbnail and then you don't actually play him it's f**** annoying

  2. Brooo did anyone seee the video that was sponsored and he was using revenant like overly like trying to over highlight him

  3. Lets be honest Revenant is underwhelming and in some ways trash. I'm thinking they should just rework him like this: Passive: same as is. Ability: 20 second active camo that goes with the crouch passive (smoky effect when you run or move a lot) with a cool down of 30 seconds or more. Ultimate ability: Instead of a totem he puts down the little skull he uses and death protection is given only to him. Also the range is unlimited but besides that the ability is the same as the totem. This rework would go better with his backstory as an assassin, what we've seen in the trailer, and make him an attacker and less of a support legend with weak abilities.

  4. Damn Shroud I mean you got to get your bread and stuff but if you straight out say you have no interest in Apex you have to live up to it imo, it just twists the way people see you play the game and kinda feels like watching an actor, my opinion, just sayin please don't shit on me – still love you Shroud

  5. the reason why shroud doesn't like apex anymore cuz there are too many better players now XD still likes him tho but if he put in the times he would be really good too

  6. I watch your gameplays and get inspired to play apex and then my inspiration is crushed by idiot teammates and a cross map charge rifle blow to the FUCKING HEAD😊🙂 i

  7. He leaves the game for a few months and comes back only to destroy entire squads like what the hell

  8. Shroud: Apex’s poopoo

    Apex: sponsorship bruh?

    Shroud: Aight

    Shroud: Apex fun

  9. Wow he laughed a lot on this video , previous apex video he just frowned whole video after the payment he is so pretended
    now i get it what kind of person he is

  10. Apex should be paying people that actually like this game to play it…..

  11. Everyone shitting on shroud cause he's sponsored and previously said he didn't like the game but if some one gave u a few thousand dollars to play a game ur good at would u take it?

  12. Srsly piss of from Apex shroud. You lost all my respect! If you hate the game don't play it even if they try to sponsor you. You licked up everything you spit out. Either you shit on this game and never touch it even if they offer money or you play it casually and stfu.

  13. Every comment is about how the only reason why shroud is playing apex is cause he got sponsored, have you ever thought of the fact that he doesnt actually hate the game? The reason he dislikes it is cause there wasnt enough content. He enjoys the game, he just feels like its missing a few things. One thing he notes is that there is no solo mode which for a streamer, can make it kind of hard to get good game clips.

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