Apex Legends: Season 4 – Official Revenant Cinematic Trailer

Check out the official trailer for Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation including a peek at the upcoming character Revenant.

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  1. Bro revenant’s a hacker, he turned into a shadow without his death totem.

  2. Just came back to rewatch it because after everything this still was the best season lorewise and best trailer.

  3. Imagine if I regain my humanity and regret doing this

    P.s at the part where my target asked me what I was I didn’t know I was from pirates of the carrabean

  4. Who would’ve thought we would be playing in this map. A little blown out of proportion but this is amazing nonetheless

  5. Anybody knows where I can find that Building in olympus?

  6. does anybody else feel bad for loba, her parents were burchered in front of her.

  7. So he sees himself as human… but thinks it’s normal that he can puncture a persons chest with his bare hand?

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