Apex Legends Season 4 RAGE! (Apex Rage Compilation)

Apex Legends Season 4 RAGE! In this Apex Rage Compilation, there are tons of funny rage moments. For example, DrDisRespect Rages while being sponsored by EA and is seemingly asked by EA to stop Raging while live streaming. Sorry for the swears. Also, the video may get LOUD at times. You have been warned!
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  1. Does anyone else feel when they complain or they say the game is trash just think 'so why are you still playing?'

  2. Maybe Drdisrespect would actually win a fight if he didnt wear the glasses think about that

  3. imagine if one of us had those expensive computers and headsets

    just realized i play without a headset

  4. If they hate the game why they still playing it,they litterally say,"I hate this f****ng game, it sucks!!!" And one person litterally just report his opponent cuz he lost

  5. You know Dr Disrespect would be winning more fights if he wasn't using a legend who cant get out of a specific situation like he could be using like bagalore wraith pathfinder you know

  6. I wanna see someone scratch the keys off their keyboard or take their controller to pieces

  7. I’m so high right now and this is so fuckin funny, my stomach is killing me from laughing so hard 😭

  8. I can't go 35 seconds into a match without throwing a fit. Usually because I drop into a house and loot 12 bins and still find no gun lol.

  9. Respwan should add a feature called only one person can shoot u at a time and if another person shoots they will either only do 1 damage or no damage
    Like the ifea

  10. I can understand that people rage over lag or glitch, but straight up raging over people killing you? That's the whole point of the game

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