Apex Legends Season 4 Reveal Devstream

As we approach the Year One anniversary, we’re joined by Apex Legends Game Director Chad Grenier, Executive Producer Drew McCoy, and more dev team folks to look back at our incredible first year and talk about what’s coming in Season 4, including a new Legend, new weapon, updates to the map and Ranked, and more details on the Apex Legends Global Series.

Developing the Legends: 3:20
Year One Login Gifts: 9:56
Season 4 Preview: 10:40
Ranked Updates 14:17

Join us for a…


  1. I'm disappointed in how small amouth of comments talk about the breathtaking intro

  2. Love how all of thes dev streams are just these narcissistic greedy cunts tooting thier own horn,honestly worst devs .but i get it u went to school and got a well paying job you guys must be the biggest brain dudes :/

  3. Listen apex you guys need to try a lil harder with my girl wraith skins 😭. No offense but what was the one for the battle pass. I want nice cute but rebellious stuff yk. You guys are great tho love the game next season goal is 5000 with wraith I’m at 2101 😭. I’m not the best but I’m not the worst

  4. The thing about the ranked changes and the rewards that no one noticed is that you pretty much only get a dive trail if you meet the requirements to hit Apex Prrdator. It's unfortunate that being in Diamond doesn't get you anything anymore.

  5. Pathfinder should say dieing is not fun that is why I don’t do it

  6. Hi Respawn, I just saw that you said that you won’t add solos because people will team up and it won’t be fair and that solos isn’t for Apex. But I just thought, If a solo player was teaming up and someone reported them. Why don’t you give that person who was reported a penalty like in ranked when people leave the game. Maybe that will stop solos from teaming.

  7. I'm starting a boycott to remove the punishment for ranked matches to be changed since players cant get. A full squad due to incompetence by servers or respawns themselves if this isn't fixed or addressed I will be deleting apex and have the resources to get nay more to do the same

  8. If i would choose one change in the game i would be that you could change your heirloom to another every season that would help me slot an probably many more people

  9. everything about this update was a joke. they made the already horrible map worse, added a terrible gun, gave us an under powered legend with underwhelming abilities, introduced master tier while taking away the rewards for diamond tier (which you dont even get to keep when the season is over now), and they added a map split with a "soft" reset so its even harder to make that rank you want. they pretty much just killed any incentive to play ranked at all.

  10. I want the devs to take a single shot winchester shotgun to the face from 6 feet and tell me it's only 19 damage after the dev is shot they should will tell us how that 19 damage works an feels. As well as 350 pound man with 180 pounds of armor runs silently show us how that works. Since it's such a amazing thing to see 🙂

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