Apex Legends Season 7 – How to BOOST FPS and Increase Performance on any PC

This is a simple tutorial on how to improve your FPS on Apex Legends Season 7. This guide will help you to optimize your game. This video will teach you guys …


  1. dude I literally jumped from 60 to 130-140 fps wtf. Thanks a lot man <3

  2. I started with 10 fps, by the end of this video, i had 12 fps… That's a start. You tried.
    It used to run smoothly long ago. can't do shit now.
    using GTX 1060

  3. fucking hell, i didnt even get 100fps on low settings and now im getting 130+ fps. Thx!

  4. i have rx 5600xt paired with i5-9400f
    im getting a very annoying frame drop from 120 to 80 and 70 specially in worlds edge and my video settings like what you said in the video what should i do i running the game only on my pc no programs nothing the pc has apex and fifa only

  5. Hi

    My FPS drops to 60 when i activate v-sync wheter it is dubble or tripple buffered. It has not done this before help me please

  6. I got this issue where I get more than 90+fps but it feels like I am playing in 30 fps any solution? Please help

  7. 1:35 hot is this possible i don't have this option i graphic settings, only this bellow for apps

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