Apex Legends Skill Based Matchmaking News

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  1. I just downloaded the game yesterday, and I've played over 20games and I have 0kills so far…feels like everyone is a pro, I'd love to play with people my level

  2. Bro I’m a level 73 noob and I get players with like level 300-400 and I’m not even good😢

  3. bro im literally level 20 going against diamonds in casual like what

  4. Cant have 1 or 2 good games cause in the next one you are already teamed with brainless people worse than bots ffs.

    And I am not even that good…their algorithm isn't learning sh*t, things are always the same.

  5. Set my mind to never touch another game with pub matches will sbmm. Quit COD and Apex. Have no regrets having fun playing other games.

  6. I think level 0-100, 100-250, 250-350 and 350-500
    Players should get ranked so you won’t find someone too good or someone too bad

  7. Personally I’m for skill based matched making because I don’t really play Apex that often and it’s super hard to get back into it.

    I literally have to play ranked to have fun.

  8. They should make special lobbies for players lvl 1-10 but when they get to 11 plus they could just do norm ranked if they do so desire

  9. SBMM should be based solely on KDR. This is the only fair solution… Currently I'm constantly getting 20k kills predators in my lobbies… My KDR is around 1 so how is this fair?

  10. Respawn must be completely incompetent to allow sbmm to have lasted as long as it has. Killed the fun for me, I don’t play nearly as much as I used to

  11. How hard is to implement a matchmaking system where players get matched with: 1. Players with the same/similar level 2.Same/similar K/D 3.Same/similar damage per game and last similar/same win percentage. Like how hard it is to make the matchmaking fair holy fuck

  12. On my main account, my highest kill game is 15, and highest damage 2994. I played on a smurf account today and within the first 20 minutes I got a 26 kill game with 5,400 damage. SBMM has a bigger impact than I wish it did, because players are not getting rewarded for getting better at the game. Instead they just go against better players.

  13. Just make a separate beginners lobbys for the first 25- 100 levels,(whatever everyone is comfortable with)i think the first 100 isnt terrible. Completely separate from the rest of the 475-400 levels, if you lobby with a high level player u play in those lobbies. Doing that will separate the total noobs from the rest and if you made a more casual lobbies for good players to play in they will most likely slow down(not stop, some just enjoy picking on the weak ) on the smurf (second) accounts. One problem i find is that the influx in smurf accounts make it harder to pick out hackers or just good players (especially for newer players) new accounts with high stats is sketchy(but not hard to do legit). so you get a bunch of false reports flooding the reports system ect i feel a ton of problems come from the smurf accounts free to play is not the problem either smurfs exist in paid games as well (but not as many). just make casual lobbies fast que and casual and ranked, ranked. Separate noobs entirely! :0

  14. I don't think ranked or pubs should have matchmaking, this makes rankeds all about luck, you can be the diamond of the bad players. And because the server works to track your skill it makes the ping higher

  15. Just a proud level 140 playing a normal ga–


  16. Start off bronze in ranked

    Respawn: yo you wannah face a lobby full of apex predators ? Say less

  17. i dont care about SBMM i always get over 5 kills per match but i dont like ranked because in people camp so much and always waiting to 3d party

  18. Matchmaking is terrible.
    I play pubs for a casual experience instead I get ridiculously intense matches full of try harding full TEAMS of high ranked players every single game that are bloodthirsty af.
    I play in Singapore server and its cancer, by the end of the 1st round/ring, there's typically 7 or less teams left cause every god damn team is just rushing in the moment they hear a sound and it becomes a chaotic shit show with typically 4-5 teams MINIMUM each fight.
    Don't even get me started on all the high ranked players with eagle eyes and lasering me with R-99 and Wingman with a 1x scope the moment I peek to shoot from like halfway across the map.

  19. When ur a platinum loba with 3k kills getting matched with a lifeline with over 100k kills is kinda upsurd

  20. They need a mode like rainbow 6 siege not level but one with sbmm and another without for everyone or have a mode for level 25 and lower

  21. I've not felt any sbmm since S4's end (at around Battle Armor), no matter if I played on my (then) lvl 260 account or a new account, I always encountered preds and insane players. Hasn't changed since.
    There. Is. No. Sbmm.
    (Region is Central Europe if it matters)

  22. My friends and I have a policy that if one player on the champ squad has a 20 kill badge or above 5k kills on a single character then we instantly leave the game and rinse and repeat until we get normal humans as champ squads. I’ve been playing the game since launch and have 7.8k lifetime kills. I should never be matching up against anyone that has 20,000 kills on one character. If sbmm wants to punish me for playing their game then I don’t feel bad leaving the lobby first chance I get even if it ruins the experience of our rando on our team. The amount of matches I’ve been in solo queuing where that’s happened to me too is crazy lol so sbmm is ruining the overall experience for people too. Just remove it from people lvl 50+ so that anyone below that has sbmm enabled so they can learn. Above that then you’re on your own. Boom done

  23. skill base match making need to be in this game it’s not fun dieing over and over again

  24. The Reason All Yall are Meeting Preds are because In season 3 They were 56,000 Preds Because The Dashboard glitch You shouldn’t fear a pred badge It means Nothing The badge is simply over saturated In the community and Every badge gets boosted You guys aren’t seeing Sweatys But People Who want to be Sweaty Most Everyone In The community is average Besides The Handful Of one percent people

  25. i think that adding team deathmatch mode will be much more better for players to learn than sbmm.

  26. Hey sethly I have a question, why is everyone and their dog lazering me? Even low rank people are doing it. I also found a abundant of smurf accounts on xbox.

  27. it shouldn’t be hard.. if i want to kick back and play casual; i’ll play pubs, if i want to sweat and grind; i’ll play ranked. simple

  28. Lvl 20's and below should only be put in lobbies with players lvl 40 and below. Players lvl 20-40 should be put sometimes in regular and sometimes in the easy queue. After lvl 40 there should be no sbmm. Also have something to stop smurfs. Like if in your first couple games your dropping 2k's or 20 bomb you should be auto banned

  29. They should put champions up against champions. Drop the pub lobbies to 30 people max (have the the circle move twice as fast). Keep ranked to 60 people. First 200 levels are for newbies. 5 wins in a row for 200 level or lower, will automatically put that individual up against higher levels. Once an individual reaches above 200 level ranking, it’s completely random with higher levels, which means a level 235 can potential go up against a predator skilled player.

  30. Lvl 1 I kill like boss💪👊👊

    To lvl 10 pls don't kill me😫😫😕😩

  31. Sbmm is definitely good I don’t like it at times but it keeps the game fair they really really need to add and rotate LMTs fun game modes like sniper shot guns, all legendary weapons, capture the train etc so if you still want to play apex but just want to have fun you have something enjoyable to play rather than sitting in firing range shooting the dummies for hours 😂

  32. New players should have bots in their lobby so they can get used to the game all the up to level 10

  33. apex devs need to be forced to play in the top lobbies, once that happens they'll understand how unethical it is and if they don't then they truly don't care about their most dedicated fans

  34. It’s about level it must be about k/d that will make it justice I’m 500 lvl but 1.3 k/d and I’m playing against players with 20kill badges and 50000 kill on legends and this is sweaty man

  35. SBM in Apex: Me 5.000 kills get paired against predators with 40.000 kills….and my teammates all level 30/40 ..seems working perfectly fine to me…right? Hahahah

  36. Pubs for good players is basically unplayable because respawn’s sbmm algorithm gives me the crappiest teammates ever…and I am matched against premade squads at around my skill level. All of the bad players die within like 5 mins so what u r left with most of the game is squads of 1 good player w 2 terrible players and premade good player squads. The premade squads typically win in the end.

  37. If respawn implemented sbmm by giving good players their own lobby I would not like that. But what they do is much worse than that. The better the player the worse the teammates respawn matches them with to balance the sbmm. So I basically only play with terrible teammates when in pubs.

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