Apex Legends – Speed Hacker in action

So I ran into a Speed Hacker this morning. Nearly had him. The guy was such a noob though even with the speed hacks.

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  1. Ugh… Why do people hack in game! They ruin all the fun.
    Edit:- Lol😂😂 such a loser. Lost even with hacks

  2. the quick heal thing could be due to gold bagpack. it is insane if you have that and are playing lifeline!

    asian servers are cancer rn. get back to back lobbies with people spamming the cheat ads in chinese

  3. Not only speed hack and wallhack, this guy had aimbot as well and still couldn't kill people quickly! I think I know why he cheats… 😅

  4. i also came across a hacker. this scared the shit out of me the first time but we ended up second so it was alright

  5. It's the same hack like cs 1.6 and csgo.. hacker got killed.. Achievement 😁

  6. LBG, you should report him. I didn't know about the hacking until the recent news that Respawn banned 350k accounts on account of hacking already. These hackers are ruining the game. I get insta killed all the time.

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