Apex Legends: Star Wars Edition

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

Wanted to shake things up a bit, been waiting to make a Star Wars focused Apex video for a while now.


Star Wars: Imperial March (Anakin’s Suffering) | EPIC CINEMATIC EMOTIONAL

Star Wars – Cantina Band (DJ AG Remix)

Clip at the…


  1. I've been wanting to try out some different types of stuff for edits, I'm still gonna make the classic "exe" videos, but I don't want to stick exclusively to that. So here's a video that's entirely themed around Star Wars X Apex.

  2. sees jedi with guns
    So uncivilized
    takes out a trophy and gets a kill
    T H E F O R C E I N T E N S I F I E S

  3. Bro got a video idea for u , u can make exe for a place in apex , example , skull town exe , R.I.P. skull town though .

  4. Твои видосы как отдельный вид искусства ) мотивирует играть в эту прекрасную игру.

  5. Man honestly I’ll only really watch Bottlecap’s apex videos, the memes are so good and so is the gameplay clips

  6. I can't tell you how much your videos inspire me to play better in Apex 😁

  7. Revenant – Darth Vader
    Loba – Luke or Rey
    Caustic – Dooku
    Mirage – Han Solo
    Pathfinder – C-3PO
    And i’m not creative enough to say something about the other legends

  8. If u wanna do another one, do stormtroopers it’s not hard… just miss 😂

  9. As a hardcore Star Wars fan and an Apex addict, I give this video two gigantic thumbs up

    Not gonna lie, the first video of yours I watched was the Grand Soiree.exe video, and within the first 5 seconds, I instantly subbed because of C-3PO Pathfinder

  10. Ideas for Star Wars skins

    Mirage: Han Solo (He has a big ego just like han in episode 4)
    Lifeline: Princess Leia (because of her buns, and also D.O.C can be R2D2)
    Pathfinder: C3PO or a Battledroid (because he's a robot)
    Gibby: Chewbacca (they're both big)
    Caustic: Darth Vader (Caustic has a respirator and I thought he was the best for it)
    Revenant: Palpatine? (idk they're both evil)
    Bloodhound: Sandperson (they look similar)
    Bangalore: Stormtrooper / Clone (they're both soldiers and so is Banaglore)
    Wraith: Padme? (best thing I could think of)
    Crypto: I can't think of anything
    Wattson: I can't think of anything
    Octane: Darth Maul? (Mainly they're Robotic Legs, also it would be Clone wars Darth Maul)

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