Apex Legends Tier List April 2020 (Legends Only)

We’ve seen lots of balance changes in the last few months, where does each Legend sit now? What are the best and worst meta Legends? This video is current as of Season 4’s “The Old Ways” Update, and is not tailored for potential balance changes in Season 5.

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  1. As a Revenant main, working towards 1,000 kills currently at 707. He's grown on me so much to the point that I can't play other legends because I am so used to how he plays and moves. The Silence is so strong to me, I can use it to block LOS, use it to ress people without being seen outright, use it to cause mass panic in the opponent. The ideas are vast. Being able to crouch walk faster, climbing walls incredibly fast. I just love it, I can dissapear and reappear at will if people aren't fast enough to keep up with me. As for the Death Totem, that thing is just too much fun pushing knocking one cracking another, sometimes squad wiping if i'm lucky enough. Then respawning back at the totem with plenty of health to do it again. Is just a blast to me. The way he sounds, his quips, the fact that you can put on Midnight a white rarity skin. And almost go invisible watching your victims run around the room trying to find you while you stare down on them with your glowing eyes. It's so much fun to me, even before the patch that made him crazy, I would definently put him in at least B tier if I ever made a opinion list.

  2. I liked Crypto when I first started the game and accidently learned how to main him

  3. Not gonna lie I was kinda insulted listening to him talk about octane… I also play stim on titan fall and personally love octane

  4. Mirage is a good legend you can throw your decoy in gas or at a fence and know we’re they are

  5. Every video that ranks legends always says that other teams shooting a decoy is very rare…

    Well I am a Mirage Main, and EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I throw my decoy out smartly, somebody shoots it.


  6. I mean if you send your decoy to the Kasich drop it would take damage and you would know where the caustic is in the same for the Watts lasers

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