Apex Legends Tier List March 2020 – Best Meta Guns in Apex

We’ve seen lots of balance changes in the last few months, where does each gun sit now? What are the best and worst meta guns?

R99 vs Prowler Deep Dive:

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  1. the stpifire is in a good place rn for controller players a buff will ruin the game if a buff is given to the spitfire we may have to relive the season zero meta all over again and i never want to have to deal with the spitfire from season zero EVER AGAIN

  2. Spitfire is hands down my favorite weapon and I've gotten massive kill streaks with it. I was SHOCKED to hear you say it was terrible F Tier.

  3. Yay, flatline good
    Also, I feel like the flatline does better in smg ranges than an actual smg, but worse than assault rifles at mid to long ranges even with single fire

  4. What's up with all the names of the people you're downing ? Bangalore54321 , Revenant74625 , etc… I'm not a PC player but this seems really weird …

    Edit: I realize its probably for streaming to keep their usernames secret , oops

  5. For console havoc is the best gun in the game. Takes zero skill anyone can pick it up and pop off

  6. I always figured the sentinel needed a buff because most bolt action weapons deal a lot of damage…

  7. The spitfire on paper is BAD, but when you actually use it in a game it tells that piece of paper:

  8. Prowler with selectfire and lv3 mag is way better then flatline 🙂 its like r-99 on steroids 🙂

  9. Mozambique is a D tier but the Spitfire is an F? Everyone has an opinion but I can’t help but say that you’re wrong as shit.

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