APEX PREDATOR ON THE 1ST DAY OF RANKED SPLIT | Apex Legends Season 6 Highlights

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  1. Some great youtube videos are coming up, be sure that you're subscribed so that you don't miss them ❤️

  2. You see he’s 1 shot he had 58 health left not hating on lulu but say low pls

  3. So wait if she just rolled out of bed that means she did not take a shower, or brush her teeth. Nasty

  4. dam i wanna get carried too, too bad u couldn't get carried in valorant cuz u were to heavy so u had to come back :/

  5. First time watching an actual video from you lol..i just follow you on twitter but i didnt realize youre a fuckin G.

  6. hate this person. All she does is steal kills. She acts like shes good
    Then when the only time when she got someone low she got mad someone stole it

  7. The slightest bit of health damage “he’s literally one shot!”

  8. Hey Lulu, I dont know what to do. My aim is on par with people like you, especially in apex, and I can’t seem to climb at all. I play solo queue only and I think my issue is my game sense or I guess decision making choices. I always laser 1 person in the team then get shot from the side by other teams and such and I don’t know how to climb. If you have any tips please tell me because I am stuck

  9. i keep getting put in lobbies with predator ranked people. I get eaten and crapped out soo much. Its much more fun to watch from this perspective

  10. This girl omfg, she is booming and zooming ennemy in Diamond/ Master while i struggle to hit an AFK 3 meters away in fckin Silver ELO

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