Apex Tales: DESTROYING A Wall Hacking AIMBOT using the amazing Acer Predator Triton 500 and a huge amount of luck. Winning games in Apex Legends is a lot harder when you meet aimbots, but our story shows just how much of a problem they are becoming.

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15.6 inch Gaming Notebook
Intel Core i7-8750H
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q,
Full HD 144Hz IPS…


  1. G7 scout with a sniper scope those were the good old days

    Edit: And when the devotion wasn’t a care package weapon

    Second edit: And when the L Star was a care package weapon

    Third edit: I will stop now 😂😂

  2. I'm absolute trash at this game. I would feel a lot better if you'd narrate my matches for me.

  3. I have 2 apex videos on my favorites one was Diego when a bangalore sacrificed himself for me and now this one amazing video

  4. I have stopped playing it because of the Cheaters. By the way, I use a Acer Predator HELIOS 300 and love this laptop.

  5. I LOVE this video man! love all your videos! btw, what is the song called in the end? I tried to shazam it, but it didn't work…

  6. Second video I’ve seen from you and so far I’m really appreciating them

  7. That's seriously how you do a ad towards gamers. That outro was an amazing end to it all.

  8. Love you like Irn-Bru, keep being who you be my raggedy-taggedy big man! All cheaters should be gangsterised like that…

  9. You are a natural buddy!!!! I never laughed so much on such a frustrating game in my life….you gave me hope…to play again!!

  10. Go out and enjoy it? :') isn't that suicide for a true scott? has a similar effect to a stake to the heart in Buffy the vampire slayer if i aint mistaken

  11. The ending was dope, I love it, got myself a Predator! <3

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