Apex Tales: Toxic Player raged at me for looting in Apex Legends. Have you ever had a game where running around looting actually triggered a player to the point where they want friendly fire on? Well, I did.

Apex Tales is a new series where we recount the narrative within the games in Apex Legends and the players we encounter. Hope you guys enjoy this one. Let me know what other videos you’d like to see, but most of all, comment below with your toxic tales.

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  1. oo boy got no words i can relate. ill die laughing. i literally did 3 kills while playing this vid in background .. then damn lag i died wahha

  2. It’s hilarious how these toxic players think they’re amazing and a “team player”, as they scream and leave the game

  3. I remember when I “stole” someone’s loot then they got really mad and on purpose I fell of the map then they said see your trash and I left

  4. I like how he was getting mad for you looting when he was following you like follow yourself

  5. I thought this was a different guy. What is this voice Rag Tagg

  6. My man, I noticed at 8:29 that the textures of the respawn beacon took some seconds to pop in, What is causing this issue? It happens to me a lot especially in season five. I hope u can see my comment in this old video.

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