Asian servers are full of hackers now…(Apex Legends hacker)

I was playing on Taiwan server.


  1. if i need to move to na servers I WILL even if i get 150ping idc i just dont want any bots or chinese spam bots

  2. Apex legends was fun before hackers and nowadays most people In a lobby are using hacks man Asian servers suck

  3. I thought it's a good move to leave PUBG and play this game. but no…. as soon I knew there's a lot of hackers in this game.. I returned playing PUBG :/ good job on letting the hackers play this game. they are not decreasing but instead increasing in numbers.

  4. They are not doing anything to help this, as I have said many times before, they do not know how to fix it – Shroud told them it will kill the game; instead they are spending time stroking the kids on the Reddit page, the players are here. EA has a bad reputation; in this case I am firmly stand behind them and say it's not them. Respawn is a joke right now.

  5. Not just hackers either, the bots are killing entire games. You'll drop with only 14 or 16 squads because of bots (promote hacks then leave server). Tons of solo or two-man teams (or people just drop as soon as they see the bot teamed with them).

    It is disgusting and killing the game.

  6. a cheater killed my team in 3sec, then i spectating him, then he still got killed. curious, i spectate the one who killed the cheater, turns out it was another cheater… singapore server fuckins sucks

  7. asia server is the worst…see them alot of time..laser us full squad less than 2 was that!!

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