Asus ROG Phone 2 Gaming Test | PubG Mobile Perfection?

In-depth ROG Phone 2 gaming test with PubG Mobile, including performance benchmarking with GameBench and AnTuTu, plus battery life drain. We also take a look at the display and audio settings, gaming features like the Air Triggers and best accessories to get the most from PubG with this brilliant Asus handset.

0.35 – Best gaming software features
3.05 – Speed and frame rate tests
4.31 – Battery life and heat tests
6.15 – Display and audio
7.59 – Air Triggers
8.54 – Kunai gamepad

The ROG…


  1. Hi mate, great video. Do you mind commenting on the right analog stick latency in fps games? I want to buy the kunai gamepad but cannot find any information anywhere on this! Appreciate your respone. Cheers.

  2. I can use the xbox controller with Rog Phone 2 for gaming Pubg Mobile? Thanks!!! =) Nice video!!!

  3. You didn't unleash the power of the phone while playing pubg! Try hdr extreme… Extreme gives you 60fps

  4. good phone and its an a just a beast
    comig rog 3 man the king man
    all in 1 like to rog

  5. If the phone is intended for public consumption, then why is it so expensive? Why don't they sell it at affordable prices to everyone and earn much more?

  6. Ordered the 512gb version today! I am really looking forward to seeing how the battery is compared to the 1900mah on this old iPhone 7… yes yes I know… no contest but hear me, I can’t wait to see how much better that 6000mah battery is.
    I love the design of the phone. I love the rgb lighting on the back. I love the UI as is! I love how fast it is. I am looking forward to testing out that DTS X audio. I love that it has a headphone jack on the bottom! That’s got to feel more natural than jack on the top of the phone. And given that my current phone is only 32gb, I don’t see me running out of storage.
    I managed to bag it at just under $880. Which though still a heart stopping amount of money, the specs that the phone packs is totally worth it.
    This is my dream set up. Except for maybe that 6.6” screen. My ideal phone is sub 5” for my small hands. But I do watch A LOT of YouTube so it may be a fair trade off.

  7. Watching this video, as if I have the money to buy this 😂 It’s okay to dream.

  8. Change your settings from HDR to Smooth then extreme for frame rate, thank me later.

  9. My Rich friend: Hey dude, I'm Just about to buy a brand new iPhone 11 pro
    Me, who can't afford a 200€ phone :
    Oh that's great
    My brain: I'm leaving the chat

  10. Would this help with game lag in games like Mobile Strike and GOW?

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