Automatics with Explosive Ammo! Bang Bang – Best GTA 5 Cheats / Codes

In our opinion, the “Bang Bang” Cheat in GTA V is the best in the game! We infiltrate the San Andreas Military Base and test out the explosive ammo!

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Bang Bang Cheat on Xbox One – Right, X, A, Left, RB, RT, Left, Right, Right, LB, LB, LB

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  1. Wanna know a better cheat?
    Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, Up, Down, Left, Right

    You know what that is~

  2. actually i just finished my 100% checklist so its even more important i talk to you there are some very interesting things ive dived farther into because of your videos i really hope you get back to me tonight so i dont have to assume your another one of those stuck up youtubers

  3. my gamer tag is alphadragon0727 me and a friend of mine joined the search because of watching your videos we are currently working on the 360 edition and we are both completing story mode today 100% was hard as hell … anyways im asking for a message on my gamertag because i have some thoughts that ive never heard a single person mention im pretty sure me and my buddy are closer then rockstar was expecting so please hit me up im always online i work from home

  4. first step use trevor and do the first hunting mission with clyde so you can have unlimited access to fort zancudo. when in the mission go to the elevator bunker and stand on top of it. look to the right, now you see that building go to the right side of that building when you go on the right side walk in the alley and you will see an electrical box with active electricity coming out of it, catch me yet

    once you know where it is leave the stupid mission and get franklin then take the space docker im not certain if you would go at 3am but take space docker get it up to 88mph and ram it in that box with slo-mo please get the jet pack

    my xbl account is "marlyxmarl" i never reached 100% completion to test but know this is the way its been in our face this whole time,,, top hint go to lester house look at the jet pack symbol and look at where the gun is pointed to a sign that says "ram it in" get a million view and contact me twitter _marlymarl, Facebook. Marlon Maharaj

    The building to the right of the bunker on the right side of that building hurry my G

  5. Has anyone ever tried to take over fort Zancudo notice the red dots think if u last long enough they will disappear. .

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