BANK HEIST! GTA Online Final Bank Heist Mission – Pacific Standard Finale

Let’s Play GTA Online (Pacific Standard Heist Finale Mission): After meticulous preparation, it’s time for us to actually rob a bank in Grand Theft Auto Online. The Pacific Standard bank isn’t going to know what hit it. Subscribe for more!

All that bank heist prep paid off. Jane uses the thermal charges we stole from Merryweather Security to get through the thick vault doors, Mike uses the hacking rig we stole from a rival heist crew to hack the…


  1. "It's a victimless crime!" Mike says after they leave a trail of dead security guards and cops in their wakes… =)

  2. "It's a victimless crime !"
    Cut to the bodies of the civilians in the bank's hall from when Andy "controlled" the crowd.

  3. Jane: "I'm gonna blow up the money"


  4. I always play this on hard….. always funny to watch people play this for the 1st time. Hopefully the next time they'll make it through with more money. I've made it multiple times with all the money =)

  5. Think Rockstar developers watched Heat a few times before designing that bank job! Great job guys 🙂

  6. I think we can all agree that we watch these videos because we love the team and group dynamics, not for their amazing heist skills. For me at least, the mistakes just make for more amusing situations and banter. Yeah, they could use glitches to exploit the game to make it easier, but it wouldn't be nearly as entertaining. An example: Can't get the parachute to work? No lives left? No problem, crash a car into the river.

    I hope they continue making more co-op videos in the future. Comedy gold.

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