BANNED From PUBG Mobile For Using GFX Tool?!? | PSA From DerekG

Yesterday some HUGE changes were made to the User Agreement of PUBG Mobile, and earlier today over 100,000 accounts were banned for 30 days for violating this new agreement. Do you think the new ban on GFX Tool and similar utilities is fair? Were they giving players an unfair advantage, or just helping to run the game smoother? Be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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  2. Will you be banned if you download the app, and use it for a white and then immediately delete it?
    If yes, well I guess the files that is altered with the GFX tool stays and doesn't get lost… so u still have ultra and HDR setting even after deleting the app

  3. I have 300k+ insta followers and insta follower app in my phone and i have never used it 😎😂

  4. For being one of few guys who actually read their terms of service and even raised the question against gfx tool being banned, there is nothing that says anything against this tool. This tool only unlocks graphics settings that are "already there" but locked because the pubg mobile thinks your device isn't capable of running those settings. Hell pubg even thinks similarly for high end sd 845 processors which is kinda stupid. Everybody against this tool is either ignorant as to what it does or simply owns a high end device which can run those settings by default. So get lost, nobody is listening to you minorities of money throwing douchebags.

  5. why dont they just unlock all the graphics, so u go to training mode and try the graphics, if its lagging then put them to low

  6. Is there anyone watching this video the comments is 7 months ago click like if you still using gfx and never got banned for 7 months playing 😂😂

  7. Graphics tool use karta tha more than 3 months ..aj Mera id ban ho chuka hai ..plz koi batao yr ye kotne Dino tk ban karte hai

  8. I know right? We all know that pubg are poorly optimize. They said that having a high fps with apps can hurt their game. Eh??? Than how about ipad/tab/emulator etc that can give high fps and better graphics? I am sure this idiot pubg doesn't want people to take advantages out from their game. Remember Rule of Survival? Greedy I must say. This is the reason why Fortnite is more popular even though I am a Pubg player to say this. Gfx tools just lower the graphic and some useless effect that cause lag. It is mot like it can remove bush/grass or anything that can give you some advantages. It is simply just to smooth your gameplay. That is it. Because their game's setting can't smooth our gameplay. Try smooth and HD graphics. Trust me you it is just a little improvement. Barely change anything.

  9. bro is that good for pubg mobile.the account should banned or not ???? please reply answer in comment box

  10. I've a good internet connection – the ping is less than 10 when connected to google's server, but still under 100 for pubg- ( honestly it's my campus's, not mine ), just installed it, and I never able to enter Asia server. Is this something relatable ?

  11. I play in NZ which is very far away from any of the server's as it's in oceania, and I get lots of ping in all of the server's except for Asia server, where I get about 150-300 ping my phone isn't very good and I can only play with lowest graphics and the game won't let me past medium FPS, but I tried a GFX tool that would allow me to get extreme FPS so that I could play the game without an FPS disadvantage, I have spent so much on this game and don't want it to get banned should I use this tool?

  12. This was such a helpful app just because I got such smooth frame rates

  13. Guys don't use any third party apps for the game. I was a gfx tool user too. I contacted the tencent customer service through email and simply asked about it. And they said they would ban the users account if using any third party apps in the game. So I suggest you guys not to use it.

  14. Now i have been banned after using this tool. Too late i didnt watch this video before..

  15. I have honor play and so i have recently downloaded it on my phone and i am surprised by it's performance. I can barely play it on HDR with GFX tool and with the GOD APP GFX tool i can play on HDR Extreme Smoothly

  16. They banned me for using a controller 🤷🏾‍♂️. So because I didn't want my thumbs hurting playing on a phone, I'm out. Meanwhile ppl with tablets able to claw have an advantage with no ban🤦🏾‍♂️

  17. Gfx tool is available on playstore which tells us that this app is safe and midrange phones with 506adreno graphics are quite good to run pubg on 60fps.But why pubg disabled these features? What i think is that they want us to buy costly flagship phones.But what they are getting by doing this!!!oh man lot of money from mobile companies because many youngsters are buying flagship phones only because of pubg craze.

  18. At least PUBG should let us modify the anti-alliacing and Auto graphics. Those configurations really help to see the enemy far away from you.

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