Beating a Hacker in Apex Legends!

Thank you for watching! This game is from 5/2/2019.
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  1. now i need to make a hacker acc.. just for keph.. for training practice.

  2. Nah, he's not cheating. He's just a literal god with the reaction time and game sense of a robot

  3. nice, I feel like this game is getting destroyed by cheaters at the very moment it's insane and really demotivating to play against these trashcan cheaters. Respawn's anti cheat system must be one of the worst I've ever seen so far. I've seen cheaters with legit thousands of kills and hundreds of games won without getting banned when they are actually not even trying to hide it and wiping half of the server single handedly. It means they must have been reported hundreds of times over a longer period of time without getting busted which is absolutely insane to me.

  4. I don’t know why people think Diego is good, this man is way better. Diego is just crying over hackers and sucks. While this guy is killing pussy bitch hackers!

  5. Hey keph do you mind doing an early stream once? I want to watch the beginning of a stream for once instead of catching the end

  6. what do u get out of cheating at a game? One it shows ur shit at The game. 2 ur a sad person at life

  7. Kephrii vs. Hacker

    You know you’re desperate to kill Kephrii when you turn on the cheats to kill him.

  8. 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🏻

  9. You know you're bad at cheating when you still have to have a Pathfinder hitbox to survive.

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