Become Invisible using this God Mode Glitch (New) Fortnite Glitches Season 6 PS4/Xbox one 2018

In this video guys I am going to show you this really amazing God mode in Fortnite Battle Royale.

This Glitch will allow you to use weapons after using shadow stone.

And it’s working on all gaming consoles including PC and mobile.

Instructions :-

Just knock yourself with grenade or any explosive but before you about to get knocked use the shadow stone and if you become invisible after getting knocked that means you did the glitch correctly and after that tell your friend to revive…


  1. Got killed by an invisible player today , kinda puts me off gaming …. so many cheaters , hackers and stupid bugs that people use to cheese you. Gotta love REAL pvp meta right?

  2. Cool now I can win in solo due and squas but I will not kill be cause I don’t want to be banned

  3. I love your vid's you're my favorite YouTuber you never do you click bait

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