becoming INVINCIBLE in fortnite (cheats)



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  1. No matter what mode epic releases lannan will always find a way to break it
    Btw plz sub to me

  2. When mau got shot in the head near paridise palms I was drinking some Coca Cola and when i put down my glass then he got dinked in the head perfect timing

  3. laserbeam: im invinsible

    aimboters: ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT

    laserbeam: ok then welp we love fortnite

  4. I got a turret in close encounters and won with it. You had yo get it by vending machine and it was op.

  5. Lazerbeam was one of my favourite youtubers until he hacked because hackings sad people like to play that game u ruin it now your my least favourite youtuber for ever

  6. I wish that I was shorter Ashba Ashita a cuter I guess you’re watching bother with the body that dinner what should I do you like not do the Lactaid or do you wish that in. The difference daddy that

  7. Lachlan be like: I spent 10 hours on this bloodie game
    Lazarbeam be like:having so much fun getting easy wins YEET

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