BEST Aim Assist SETTINGS! BEST Fortnite Sensitivity/Settings for PS4/XBOX! (Fortnite BEST Settings)

Fortnite BEST SETTINGS for PS4/XBOX ONE! Best AIM ASSIST settings ,Legacy, Exponential, Linear Aim Assist & ALL SETTINGS in Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2! Which Aim Assist is the Best to you in Fortnite Chapter 2! LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more Fortnite videos!

My Gaming Setup!

Xbox Elite Controller 🔥

Blue Yeti Mic 🔥

Gaming Pc 🔥

Gaming Monitor 🔥



  1. My guy I appreciate the time you took to explain. You never answered went over you're actual settings though. You explanation was all over the place about each setting. Advice break it into segments. Go over each setting per segment. ISO actual setting numbers. Thank you

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